Business Involvement

Businesses in Support of Jobs for NH JAG

Provide Job Opportunities

Benefit from trained, supervised and conscientious help by employing youth who participate in the NH JAG program. Contact NH JAG at 603-647-2300 to learn more.

Sponsor Events

NH- AG holds a variety of events throughout the year in support of New Hampshire youth and their becoming vital contributors of our future social and economic vitality. As an event sponsor, you can directly contribute to this objective while also gaining worthwhile visibility for your company throughout your community, the media, and nationally.

Make a Presentation

Participants of the NH JAG program are hungry for information that can inspire, engage and directly contribute to their future progress as post-graduate students, employees and in military service. To learn more about presentation opportunities or to introduce your own ideas, please contact NH JAG at 603-647-2300.

Donate a Service

As a dynamic nonprofit agency with plenty of kids to serve, we welcome a variety of donated services including administrative support, event participation, copy and printing services, consulting expertise, supplies, and most anything that can help us to do our jobs better. Contact NH- AG at 603-647-2300 to learn more.

Employee Volunteerism

By volunteering your time in support of a NH JAG event, you are directly contributing to making a difference in the life of New Hampshire’s youth. Contact NH JAG at 603-647-2300 to learn more.

Philanthropic Support

Support tomorrow’s leadership quality while boosting community visibility and achieving marketing objectives through philanthropic giving. Contact NH JAG at 603-647-2300 to learn more.