NH JAG offers two model programs for youth who seek to pursue career and post-secondary educational interests.  Through partnerships with training providers, schools, employers and communities, NH JAG provides under-served students facing multiple barriers to success with a comprehensive program leading to a career pathway.

Multi-Year High School Model

Through the Multi-year High School  Model, NH JAG teaches young adults academic and workplace competencies while also developing teamwork, leadership, community service and workplace skills to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities that await them in the world beyond school.

Out-of-School Model

The NH JAG Out-of-School Model funded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) focuses entirely on “Healthcare Sector” training.  The program serves young people ages 16 to 24, providing them with an opportunity to obtain a credential and become a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA).  Students complete LNA training, receive academic and career counseling, and complete a work experience in the field.  Once licensed by the NH Board of Nursing, participants enter employment and receive 12 months of follow up services.  Students who have not attained a high school diploma also receive services and support leading to an academic credential.

NH JAG currently operates seven programs located in schools throughout the state, six high school programs and one out-of-school healthcare (LNA) training program.  All NH JAG programs are helping youth experience the value of an education while developing teamwork, life skills, leadership, community service, and workplace skills.

NH JAG follows the nationally recognized JAG model consisting of a comprehensive set of services designed to support students through high school graduation and credential attainment.  NH JAG staff work diligently to foster an environment that promotes academic success and career and leadership development in a supportive atmosphere.

The long-term goal of the JAG Model is to increase full-time employment among under-served young people as well as ensure their ability to remain employed in their communities.  NH JAG has been serving youth statewide for 34 years with a focus on eliminating barriers, keeping “at-risk” youth in school and increasing the rate of future success.

The JAG Advantage

The JAG Advantage is based on a promise. JAG will deliver learner-centered instruction to ensure youth achieve their fullest potential. In upholding this promise, JAG is developing the talent our nation needs to fuel the economy with new members of the workforce who are both prepared and resilient.  The goal is to help youth become financially independent and contributing citizens in their NH communities.